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From the beginning in 2009 “EVOKE” has been a trusted name in homeopathic weight loss circles. Introducing the NEW and Improved EVOKE that is used with any diet. Our favorite ones are listed below.

Dr Simenons 500 Calorie Diet, Jason Vales’s 5:2 Juice Diet, Guten Free, Vegetarian Diet, Paleo Diet and the Mediterranean Diet.

  • The New and Improved EVOKE can be used with ANY diet protocol. It is a power house of ingredients that Provides homeopathic support for weight loss by inhibiting appetite/cravings, improving metabolism, and assisting with symptoms associated with a restricted diet such as headache, weakness and irritability.
  • For optimal results we use Weight Off to suppress appetite and help energy flow through out the day. 
  • All diet challenges start in gut, so we encourage the gut with Digestive Enzyme Formula to promote healthy digestion. 
  • Whole Body Detox is here to open up the energy pathways to drain out the toxic accumulation of a lifetime from the body. 
  • We put it all together with a GREAT tasting Protein Complete that is “NON GMO” and has all the Vitamins, minerals, enzymes in it, Plus a great Probiotic


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