Fighting Inflammation through Spices

Lately there has been a lot of talk around the use of herbs and spices for inflammatory conditions in the body. How can we use this in our daily lives? Its easy humans have been flavoring their foods for centuries think of the spice trail and the impact it had. Why did this become such a marker in our history? Culinary herbs and spices have been used to help assist us in all manner of maladies for centuries. Today, scientific evidence is pouring in that suggests our ancestors were right- the use of spice does a lot more than flavor our food it aides the body in its natural healing process.

An array of health benefits has been associated with herbs and spices. Remember that inflammation affects multiple body parts and functions from our joints to our brains. Simple daily activities are affected and our quality of life as well. 

When buying inflammatory supporting herbs and spices its important to remember quality counts! 

 Spice for health


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