Come in as you are,
leave renewed!

Enjoy our magical Park like setting that was created for you to enjoy before your session or anytime you like. 

Inside Evoke Healing Space we understand the evolution of caring for the skin starts within. Evoke method and Osmosis’ rejuvenating lifestyle elixirs and natural supplements were inspired by the skin-body connection and are formulated to bring balance and help restore health and overall well-being to the entire body.

Real Beauty is not just Skin Deep according to Dr. Ben Johnson, MD. The skin is the largest organ on the body and it reflects what is going on inside. Dr Ben over the last 25 years has developed Face Mapping in order to read the face to know what organs are involved inside the body, and to encourage the bodies own ability to heal itself by using cutting edge supplements and products which include skin care. All of Dr Ben’s work is based on double blind peer reviewed science and has been published in many Derm Journals.

Osmosis Beauty Wellness: Alternative Healing through Frequencies and Supplements Beauty

Tired of conventional medication with harmful side effects? Let Evoke Healing Space and our Medical Director Dr. Ben Johnson lead you through a new alternative to medicine. Our award-winning Lifestyle Elixirs and supplements + Beauty products are formulated to restore balance, overall health, and well-being to the entire body. Find out why Osmosis Beauty is leading the industry in holistic science by treating challenging conditions no one else can.